Instrument Repair

Blessing trumpet before and after receiving Ultrasonic cleaning, dent removal and slide and valve realignment.

At Apple Music, clients and customers are known by name, not as a number on an invoice. A requirement of our technicians is that we play music professionally; we know how an instrument must feel and respond to play correctly. Whether a trombone slide needs a complete rebuild or a crack needs to be repaired on a professional wooden clarinet, no job is too big or too small; and no instrument, STUDENT OR PROFESSIONAL, leaves the shop unless it can be played comfortably in a professional situation.

Replacement parts that are unavailable, particularly on older instruments, are made in our custom fabrication shop. This allows us to reproduce many of these obsolete parts and complete repairs that most other shops wouldn't know what to do with. In our minds, many older instruments are of high quality and well worth repairing.

Yanagisawa alto saxophone after receiving fresh overhaul with oversized brass resonators and custom pads.

Baritone horn bell before and after significant dent removal.

General service repairs are frequently completed within 5 business days, unless parts need to be ordered or special requirements such as gold, silver plating or re-lacquering is requested. All repairs are commensurate with the actual cost of the labor and materials needed. If a given estimate is too low, we'll call you to get approval BEFORE doing any work. If the estimate is too high, your cost will be less; it's as simple as that.

Our shop employs the most cutting-edge techniques in the servicing and rebuilding of instruments, regardless of need. Instruments are cleaned in the safest manner possible, WITHOUT using dangerous chemicals or detergents. Our state-of-the-art Ultrasonic cleaning system utilizes a safe, environmentally friendly cleaning solution, keeping the instrument free of unnecessary damage, wear and toxic compounds. We stock high quality replacement parts that most general service shops don't. These parts, like composite valve washers and synthetic corks and felts, are more durable than natural materials like wool and natural cork, which most shops supply, particularly for student horns. The materials we use last longer, are more efficient and give better long-term results.

Miyazawa Flute overhauled with JS gold pads, delrin bushings, synthetic felt and a Seidman flute stopper plug.

We also have a full service string repair department, offering full setups and adjustments for a range of stringed instruments including electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, violin, viola, cello and bass violin. Whether your instrument needs a new, custom-fitted bridge, crack repair or fret work, you can count on the repair being completed in an efficient, timely manner, at a fair price. Many string repairs are completed on site, and some even as you wait.